Love is hell.

Half Mastication.

The world will chew you up, the world will spit you out, half masticated, gooey, wet. You probably tasted good. Let it know what it’s missing- and jump back in there. 

My life, in select quotes.

"Yeahhh… well (pause) the problem I think I’m having with it (pause) right now (strokes chin)  is that it looks a bit like poop."- My creative director, on some drawings of some airbags. Flatiron, NYC.

"I just couldn’t find it in myself to let him penetrate me at that time." -My friend, on her hook up. Chelsea, NYC.

"I’m fuckin’ Korean. I don’t know who you are!"-My partner, on Casey Affleck. Midtown, NYC.

"I wanna fuck you hard in the sink, after that give ya somethin’ ta drink."-Kanye West, on love. Barclays center, Brooklyn NY. 

On age.

How to get old.

Do: everything you’re supposed to.

Take: only what’s in front of you.

Love: only who loves you back.


How to grow old.

Kiss: the girl.

Write: the book.

Go: the long way. 

Omelets for dinner.

I hope that everyone understands the ridiculousness of the idea that there is any such thing as “men’s” or “women’s” shampoo, that women’s faces inherently need to be covered up with make up because they are naturally uglier than men’s faces, that there is any such thing as “correct grammar” or “real words”, that there is any such thing as “breakfast foods” or “dinner foods”. For crying out loud.